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What to Expect

What to Expect – ClearView Inspections Apartment Code Compliance

We help you lower maintenance costs by providing valuable information that will save you money while satisfying city inspections.

  • Mandatory repairs are highlighted for easy identification of issue and location.
  • FYI comments report issues to save you time and money and help maintenance be proactive.

Additional reports provided show:

  • Summary of all units entered and if not why; no or bad keys, resident refused, no power, etc.
  • If pets are present, variety and number to ensure deposits.
  • If unit is vacant or occupied.

We gather and report the data using proprietary software developed just for these inspections. All results are collated and summarized. The advantages to you are:

  • Go green and reduce paper; get only a few summarized pages not possibly hundreds.
  • Results sent electronically to store or print as you choose.
  • Data is easy to read and can be copied and pasted to work orders or give the list to maintenance to be
    checked off as repairs are done.
  • Repairs can be sorted by category; electrical, plumbing etc. to put the right person on the job.
  • All information is confidential and secured by ClearView Inspections if you loose a copy.

ClearView Inspections is a trusted inspection partner serving over 130 properties annually. We pride ourselves in outstanding service and follow up. We will work with maintenance before and after the inspections, if necessary, to help explain the inspection process and or repairs needed.

We handle all paperwork with the city, including submitting your certificate of compliance. You and the city receive copies simultaneously to ensure everyone has the information.

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