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Our Services – Atlanta Area Apartment Inspections

We provide inspection services catered to the multi-family housing industry. We are third party preferred vendors for the cities listed to do the Multi – Family Interior Code Inspections. We are provided inspection check lists depending on the city/county that we use to inspect the units. We also include in the inspections our own notations that help keep the property in a proactive maintenance plan.

We submit all necessary documentation to the city for the certification of the Apartment Community.

Inspections Provided:

  • Standard—to help you make a more informed decision on needed repairs or code issues
  • Mold—if it’s present, is it an issue?
  • Prelisting—identify potential issues before listing a multi-family property
  • Construction phase—does it adhere to current codes and accepted practices?
  • Warranty—find current or potential problems within the one-year warranty period
  • Radon, Lead, Carbon Monoxide

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